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    2017 Sep 2
  • Hei Bao's record company Rock Forward Entertainment advertises tickets are on sale for a 30th anniversary concert at Beijing Workers Gymnasium.

    2013 Dec 19
  • Sina.com reports Hei Bao won the "Best Chinese Band" award given by the 11th Huading Award Global Music Satisfaction Survey.

    2005 Jun 3
  • CRI Online reports that Hei Bao and several of China's top rock bands are slated to perform revolutionary songs at the Beijing Workers Stadium on July 1, 2005. This is to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. It will be the largest performance ever staged by Chinese rock stars.

    2005 Mar 17
  • Big news from FM974.tom.com that Qin Yong has left Hei Bao. From all reports, Qin Yong's departure was amicable, and he is still on good terms with his former bandmates.

    2004 Jul 9
  • Hei Bao celebrated the release of their fifth album, appropriately titled "Hei Bao V" at a party in Beijing today according to Wanwa.com.
  • Here's an image of the album slipcase:

    2004 Jun 8
  • Wanwa.com has published news that Hei Bao has released the lead single for their fifth album! The single is entitled 錯覺 (Wrong Feeling). Here's an image of the sleeve artwork:

    2003 Nov 28
  • News from Wanwa.com:

  • Hei Bao Goes to England for New Album Post-Production
    2003 Nov 28

    The mainland Chinese mega-rock band, Hei Bao, have recently been very busy with their all-new fifth album. This is their first album since signing with Kirin Kid Productions, and is being personally produced by the company’s general manager, Cheng Jin. At the same time as being Hei Bao’s senior music producer, not only does Cheng Jin have a deep personal relationship with the band, he also has a excellent understanding and grasp of their music.

    Currently, the early recording work for Hei Bao’s new album has already been finished at the first-rate Kirin Kid recording studios by mainland China’s top recording engineer, Jin Shagang. The band’s lead singer, Qin Yong, and guitarist, Li Tong, have already hurried off to London, England to proceed with post-production mixing work.

    The album’s master tape will be completed at England’s famous Wolf Studios, which has some of England’s big-name recording engineers. One of them, Julian Standen, who formerly worked with English supergroups The Smiths and Duran Duran, has already been confirmed to work with the band. After listening to samples of Hei Bao’s new songs, he was extremely excited. He believes that this Chinese band’s technical skills and music consciousness are both extraordinarily mature. Aside from Julian Standen and producer Cheng Jin, negotiations are underway to hire a few more English recording engineers to participate in the production.

    Reportedly, Hei Bao’s new album will be released after Chinese New Year. This album will continue with their foundation of a hard rocking style while adding fresh elements, especially with changes in the rhythm section that are very dynamic, full of tenacity, and will let people experience something fresh and new.

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